Getting married is serious business!

Sola Oguche-Agudah 19/Jun/2016

Most ladies are sorry romantics. I wasn’t an exception. I think I was a bit more extreme than other ladies. I was picking kids’ names at age 10, packing snack packs in my head at 10 and thinking of my knight in shining armour since as far back as I can remember.

I read my fair share of romance novels, watched my fair share of romance movies and dreamed up my fair share of fairy tales. After being married for almost ten years, I can tell you that getting married is serious business, staying married is not a joke and staying in love takes a lot more than fairy tales.

Really sorry to burst your bubble, getting married goes beyond the romantic engagement, the beautiful diamond ring, the wow wedding and the exotic honey moon. Marriage is the next phase of the rest of your life. Because many people are bothered with the externals instead of the main substance, they end up spending the rest of their lives in misery instead of bliss which was the intention in the first place.

Am I saying that romance is wrong? Of course not, we need a healthy dose of romance on this side of heaven. What I’m saying is that romance on the wrong foundation is always a disaster waiting to happen. How do I know? Let’s ask the celebrities. They have a lot to say about that. They seem to be experts at falling in and out of love, having feelings that are over the top, going all the way and then deciding in the end that they feel differently.

The question to ask is: “Why do people get married?” It’s amazing that to hear the answers that most people give. For most people, it’s just the next course of action after they have satisfied all the other necessary requirements of going to school and getting a job. For others, they happen to meet someone they are convinced that they can live without, for others, it is dire need for companionship, while for others it is the need to love and be loved in return. To understand marriage, we must understand the origin of marriage and the purpose for why it was created.

To understand the origin and purpose of marriage, we must go to the one who created it; God. To understand the purpose of something and to maximize it to the fullest, we need to read the manufacturer’s manual. Most of us don’t like to read manuals, me inclusive and then we find ourselves looking for the manuals when something goes wrong. How can we expect our marriage to work when we don’t know what it is about or understand it?

If we believe that God created man and found a suitable woman for Adam, then that’s where we should begin our search for the purpose of marriage. Like Julie Andrews sang in the “Sound of Music”, let’s start from the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.

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