The Origin and Purpose of Marriage

Sola Oguche-Agudah 19/Jun/2016

God created the heavens and the earth and he created man and woman. If we believe this, then we have found the right foundation for this article. Because our whole life stems from this very statement. We did not create ourselves, we were created by a higher authority. If that is the case, it is safe to assume that this Creator has a script that we are expected to follow, just like the producer or director of a movie. Our ability to follow that script and abide by it determines the success of our lives here on earth.

To fully understand our end result, we have to do a bit of studying and explanation, so please pardon me. When God created the earth, He said everything He made was good, until He made man and then He said, he was very good. In this context, man was generic for male and female. Infact God blesses them, even though man was the only person represented here at this point and he said be fruitful, multiply, subdue, replenish the earth and have dominion. When He gave this command, he addressed them as male and female. At this point, the only representation was Adam.

After God had made the animals, vegetation, rivers and oceans, gold and precious stones, he gave his first negative statement; he said it is not good for man to be alone. He said he would make a helper suitable, adaptable, and complementary for Him. Please note that this statement is vice versa for both male and female. God called all the living creatures to Adam and he named them but there was no one found that was suitable for him. This also means then that animals can in no way take the place of human relationships A  .

Finally God decided that man needed someone like him and there Eve was made from Adam’s ribs. He built her up and made her into a woman. When Adam saw her, he knew instantly that Eve was who was suitable for him because she was taken out of him and he called her woman. It is interesting here to point out that God did not create another man for Adam, but a woman. Needless to say, homosexuality was never God’s intention.

From then on, GOD intended that man and woman who are married to become one. Now that we have done some history, we realize the following:

1)  Marriage was God’s idea. He was the visionary and the director of this institution.

2)  Marriage was created for companionship. We were created to be relational, to have meaningful relationships and share our lives with those that matter to us. God knew that Adam would be lonely and He created a wife for him, not just a friend, but a wife. When you got married, you legally got yourself a best friend. You were created to have fun together, share each other’s dreams and discover the world together.

3)  Marriage was created to help husband and wife fulfil God’s purpose for their lives. God kept on using some key words; one of them was helper. God had given Adam a huge task, to tend the garden of Adam. There was no way Adam was to do it alone, so God created a helper Eve. It just means that for both husband and wife, your greatest helper is your spouse. They were created to provide unconditional and unlimited support into helping you be all that you were created to be.

4)  Marriage has to be with two compatible people. The other key word God kept on repeating was suitable. Other definitions are appropriate, fit, seemly, apt and complementary, adapted. All of these words can mean compatibility. Why is this so important? We are different and God made us that way for a reason. We are created the way we are to fulfil the assignment given to us. We are wired for purpose. Therefore any two people cannot just get married. They have to be compatible. This, I believe is a major problem in most marriages today. Being compatible does not mean being the same, but being able to complement one another.

5)  Marriage has to do with two people becoming one. Unity is of the highest importance. God expects both parties to leave all other parties and become one unit. Outside influences cease to matter, family ties and all other ties take second place to this new unit and this new union.

6)  Marriage was created to reproduce godly children. The first instruction that was given was to be fruitful, multiply, subdue and replenish the earth and have dominion. God’s intention was for the whole earth to be filled with people like Him. To do that, He needed a family unit to ensure procreation. Therefore raising children like God is one reason for marriage.

7)  Marriage was created so that sex could be enjoyed. God loves us and wants the best for us. That was made glaringly clear when he created sex. It is the highest form of sexual and spiritual connection possible. It is enjoyed beyond measure when unity and intimacy is in place under the context of marriage. God wanted to ensure that His children enjoyed the best, so he made sex available under the confines of marriage.

From all the above, that marriage is important to God. It is not to be trifled with or taken lightly. It is the only institution that is compared to His love for us. It is important to understand this, so that it is clear that marriage goes beyond us, our feelings and our desires. It is deeper than what we think it is. Marriage has God’s stamp on it and when we do it God’s way, the rewards are innumerable, the pleasure unquantifiable. It gives you a taste of heaven on earth.

Can you imagine a marriage where your spouse is really your best friend and you have fun doing things you both enjoy? Can you imagine a marriage where you and your spouse work on your goals together and motivate each other to be the best? Can you imagine a marriage where you and your spouse are united on what you want from life and your family and are willing to disagree to agree on some things? Can you imagine a marriage where you both raise your children together and not just leaving it to one party? Can you imagine a marriage where the sex is great and you don’t even have to beg for it, you create the opportunities to make it happen regularly?

Is this remotely possible? Yes it is.

The question then is, what do we do to make this dream of heaven on earth a reality? We start from the beginning. What factors should we consider before we say “I DO”.

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