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"From what I've gathered, you've been divorced for five years and even before that, you didn't have much of a marriage.
Zara winced, Jada's statement sounded so harsh but it was true. Jada continued.
"Your daughter came to me because her marriage is on the rocks. I listened to her and this is what I've deduced. She doesn't know what being married is about. Do you know why?"
The question didn't require an answer.
"She has never seen a marriage work. You may have felt you shielded her or that she was oblivious to all that was going on between you two. Sorry to burst your bubble, she wasn't. She saw both of you struggle, she doesn't know how to handle conflicts in marriage and now she's faced with issues that seem insurmountable to her."
Zara didn't like the way this conversation was going. She had thought that by staying with Aden until Richessa got married, she had demonstrated her desperation to give her daughter something she didn't have; two parents under the same roof.
She couldn't believe that despite all the hardship she had endured in her marriage, she had still failed. Zara steeled herself, she wasn't going to cry. She would not give Aden the satisfaction of seeing how badly he had hurt her.

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Zara Reviews

It's a book that covers every aspect of life in general and is very practical. I went to visit my sons during half term and I couldn't put it down. I had to leave it with my friend in Kenya because she wanted to read it all cost.

Mobo Biobaku

I found Zara to be a very compelling story. I had to read the book twice and now my sisters have confiscated the book. However it's ripples of meaning still linger and have given me a new course of reasoning. It's amazing how God works, I saw flashes of myself here and there. It's a story that touches the depth of human reasoning and pretty much sends you an emotional ride indulging you and makes you arrive at the inevitable realization that regardless of yourself, God's orchestrations cannot be altered.

Chinonso Young

Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It was very enjoyable and very clean. It was a refreshing romantic story. Everyone can definitely learn something from the relationships in this book.

Sola Adeola

Zara is an amazing book and a book in season. It is packed with information, knowledge and lessons for couples especially in this day and age when couples are dealing with the challenges of staying married. It was truly an enjoyable read.

Gbolahan Shaba

Preview of new book (The Assignment)

Thirty one years earlier………………………………….
"Miss Wilson, you have been in this household for six months."
"Yes sir." Patricia replied
"I've been watching you since you got here. I see that you are a hard worker."
That was a rare compliment coming from Mr. Sivan Stallone, her employer.
"I try my best sir."
Sivan Stallone paused and looked at her intently; almost as if he was weighing her statement.
"I see. My wife tells that me that you have been spending considerable amount of time with my son, Tyler."
Patricia hoped that she wasn't in any trouble.
"I hope that isn't a problem sir. He is a lovely baby."
"I'm glad you think so. Do you like children Miss Wilson?"
Patrica beamed.
"Yes I do sir. Very much."
"Good. Mrs. Stallone and I have to let Tyler's nanny go and we wanted to know if you would be interested in the job."
Patty was excited. She loved Tyler already. He was such a charming baby, very gorgeous and sweet too. She would love to be his nanny."
"I would love to be Tyler's nanny."
Sivan Stallone rose and came to where she was seating and stared down at her menacingly. His wife seemed laidback, content to let her husband be in charge of the conversation.
"Being my son's nanny means being responsible for his total welfare; his meals, clothes, medical appointments, play time, health and anything else that comes with raising a child. I am in the middle of an important campaign and my wife and I are going to be incredibly busy. We need someone that is ready to commit to this fulltime."
Patricia was terrified of Sivan Stallone, especially with him staring down at her but she felt this was the right thing to do. It seemed like a lot work but Patricia was already drawn to Tyler. She couldn't explain it but there was something about him that called out to her. She didn't know anything about raising a child but she would learn. It also meant that her financial woes could be put to rest for now.
"Would I be expected to live here?" She asked
"Yes. You would be given the room next to Tyler's. Your welfare will be taken care of and you will be more than adequately paid. I need someone that is willing to commit to at least five years to raising Tyler."
That didn't seem to be a problem. She wasn't in a relationship; she had her high school diploma but could not afford college. She had just one sister who worked in a restaurant as a waitress so she was just working to take care of herself. She had lost her parents two years ago, so what Mr. Stallone was asking for was doable.
'Yes sir. I can do that."
"I have carried out background checks and they have all cleared up with no danger signals. Tyler is my only son and he is very important to us Miss Wilson. I will not hesitate to do anything to protect my child. You are being hired not because we think you are the best qualified but because we see your genuine attachment to Tyler. Do not mess this up. The consequences will devastating."
'I do not intend to do so sir."
"Good. You are hired."