My Familly

The Wife

I am blessed to be married to one of the greatest men alive. God's best gift to me is my husband; Oguche. God had a great assignment for me and of course He knew I couldn't do it alone. So He sent me this awesome man to love me, support me, encourage me and give me wings to fly without losing the core of who I am. My husband makes marriage worth it.

The Mother

My two children add flavour to my life; each with their personalities that are absolutely out of this world. When I look at them, I am reminded of why I am needed in this world. I am in awe as I realize that they are the leaders of the next generation. It's an awesome privilege to partner with God to mould these destinies. I am determined to raise children that will make God proud. Even though, many times, I absolutely want to tear my hair out, I am reminded that Nemi and Fedo make motherhood one of my greatest treasures.