Make Your Life Count

'Make Your Life Count' (MYLC) – a brainchild of mine, is a resource centre whose mission is to inspire, equip and empower individuals to live a life of purpose and impact by providing tools and resources for personal development and community impact. This will be done by training programs, writing books and shooting movies.


1) Purpose and Impact: This program is geared towards helping people discover their purpose and live a life of impact.
2) Made To Last: This program provides a platform to prepare young people for marriage and equip them with tools to build wholesome marriages.
3) Raising Champions: The purpose of this program is to equip parents with the right tools for parenting and raising a generation of impact makers.
4) Teenage Leadership Development: This program is geared towards developing leadership potential in the next generation.
5) Children Development Program: This is geared towards teaching young children leadership skills, life skills, etiquette and public speaking to prepare them for the world at large.


At MYLC, we plan to write and publish more books that focus on purpose, leadership, wholesome marriages and raising the next generation. Our first book 'Zara' which was recently published is one that focuses on living a life of purpose and setting the right foundation for marriage. Watch out for our next book: 'The Assignment.'


At MYLC, we plan to produce inspiring and motivational movies and documentaries that focus on purpose & impact, teenage leadership development, children development and parenting. Watch out for the movie Zara in the cinemas in 2017.