My Work

Organizing and Productivity Expert

I am an organizing and productivity expert. In this role, I am the co-founder of PineTree Organizers, a company that reduces stress, enhances efficiency and improves the quality lives of individuals in homes and businesses and lifestyles by introducing structures, processes and systems.

You may wonder where that came from; I have always liked to plan things, organize and tidy up. From when I was little, I seemed to have a plan for everything and I had to simply make sure everything was in its place. My brother teased me that I even used to arrange how I slept on my bed.

In my journey of purpose, I found out that organizing and productivity are my core and what I was searching for without knowing it. It took me a couple of jobs and businesses to finally realize that this was what I was born to do and I could make a business out of it. I am fulfilled when I bring order to people's lives, make their spaces clutter free, help them be better organized and productive and help them enjoy life.